Boost Your Voyage in Thar Desert


Rajasthan is a treasure trove of history, every time you visit you will get blown away with the history, architecture, culture, tradition and beauty of the place. In Jaisalmer voyage, you can enjoy an exciting dune bash and dinner under the stars and devour the lifetime experience in the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer. Travel into the rolling golden dunes of the Thar Desert and feel the thrill as your 4×4 slides up and down the swift slants. The Camel Safari was the most exciting, romantic and spectacular part in Jaisalmer and if you wish, ride a desert buggy over the sands, try sand boarding and click photos of the desert sunset. After it moves towards your Royal style tented camp with all luxury and comfort. During you are relishing your savoury dinner, enjoy colourful Rajasthani folk music, dance and of course Queen Harish and ‘tanoura’ folk performances by whirling dervish style dancers in Desert Springs Resort.