THAR Desert The Golden Oasis at Desert Spring Hotels

Few journeys in life leave you enthralled and make you feel grateful for witnessing natural wonders at close quarters. Such feelings you can experience in Jaisalmer, especially in the Thar Desert. This experience will become your experience of the lifetime for sure.

Jaisalmer is a marvel in itself. From buildings to footpaths everything is golden in colour which is mesmeric. For the journey from the Golden City to the Thar Desert, the best ride is a jeep that would take you to the desert for camel rides which will be picturesque, as well as serene. While sitting in the jeep, you can see the gleaming black road cut through endless bounces of sand.

Once you reach to the spot, the colorful camels welcomes you in the Golden Oasis. On this point you’ll reach on other level of delight. And when the time come to climb on to the camels, you could hear shouts and of course the smiling faces. While camel ride you’ll adore the scenic magnificence of Thar Desert. If you love thrill and adventure so there bonus chance for you in the Thar Desert. A voyage to the desert offers you a real adventure into the magnificent landscape of the unique sands of the Thar Desert. The jaw-dropping perfectly sculpted dunes add more kick and incredulity in the ride. It was God’s work of art at its best you can witness in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer.

Apart from this you can walk barefoot and enjoy the sunset and the silence all around. You’ll relish the dreamy place with no phone or laptop to distract you. The surprising thing about being amidst a natural wonder is that you forget the mundane stuff of life. It’s just you and the stunning desert. You’ll mislay in the sand dunes beauty for sure but it’s not the end here.

Sitting on one of the sand dunes, suddenly everything becomes quiet as the sky changed colour to shades of orange and light pink. The sunset only lasted a few minutes but the sight of it will always vivid in your mind. After a lovely sunset over soft golden sands, move towards the campsite. This trip will let you all in high spirits and lifetime experience of beholding the natural beauty.